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I will try and keep this brief and too the point.

Payment - I am offering $10 a page for four pages of work. This is for at least pencils but pencils and inks would be preferable. This is non-negotiable as this is all the money I have, I am not trying to upset or insult anyone, I am just being honest. I figured it was better to offer a little than nothing at all.

Payment Terms - You will be paid 50% upfront ($20) and the additional 50% ($20) upon delivery of the 300 dpi tiff files. All payments will be made VIA PayPal within 48 hours of A) receiving the your first invoice and then B) upon completion.

Contact Details -  In order to save my inbox from being flooded with images, spam and general unwanted correspondence please visit: and complete the web form. I assure you this is not a hoax, spy-ware/spam bot etc. I am professional software engineer and such a thing would damage my reputation. You will need to supply A)Name (Handle/Nickname etc is fine.) B)Email so I can contact you and C)A brief introduction, any questions you may have and links to samples of your SEQUENTIAL art (PinUp etc are nice but I can't tell much from them).

References - Although it has been a while since I have produced any comics work you can see my previous work below:…
Also googleing Kevin McHugh + Comics should bring up a bit as well.

The Job - As I have mentioned I am looking for someone to do a four page sci-fi action comic with hot chicks. It's basically a mixture of 2000ad/Fear Agent and Gen13/Danger Girl. The script is written and ready to go (Along with links to photo-references etc.) and the panel count averages out to six panels a page. The finished work will be published on-line at some point in the near future and you will be credited accordingly. Although the time frame is negotiable I would ideally hope for something within a month. This job would ideally suit someone looking to build/add to their portfolio and give them experience of working with a published writer.

Misc - Thanks for taking the time to read this message. Apologies for any mods I may have upset by putting it in the wrong place. If you have any questions please feel free to PM me and again apologies to anyone I may have upset by offering so little money but this is all I can afford and as I said offering something is surely better than expecting you to work for free or the promise of money you may never receive.




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